Years ago, a friend and I headed out to go camping

We had packed the truck and were at the gas station fueling up for the journey

I asked my friend if he had remembered to bring the grill

He hadn’t

Being anxious to arrive in the mountains, I said we would just have to figure something out

We did

I was on to something; with less equipment in my backpack I had more room for ingredients

The rock stoves began to improve and I became more creative and intuitive when cooking in the wild

I left the restaurant industry in search of better ingredients and a deeper connection to them; this lead me to farming

I was inspired and learned that a stronger connection to food and community meant a deeper connection to self and health

This search eventually lead me into the wild

This was the greatest leap I had taken with food and has proven to be the most rewarding

Some ingredients are cultivated; others harvested from the wild

The process of adapting a landscape into a kitchen is primal and an expression of freedom

“we eat to offer resistance to earthly forces; and we live on this earth by offering resistance” Rudolf Steiner

Freedom comes from disconnection

No stove is alike

No meal the same

Flavor unbound

Become able

Become active

Become awake

Become alive