Steep Stone Cookout

A weekend of climbing, cooking and nature

Conscious Course and Gold Crush Climbing head into the mountains. Our team will be leading two days of climbing in the Bowman Valley in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. In between climbing, camp will be filled with the aroma of some of the finest ingredients of our county prepared by a chef who cooks on rocks.


Bowman Valley is a hidden gem of the Sierra Foothills with world-class granite sport climbing.  As everyone hustles up Highway 80 to Donner Summit, a relaxing and scenic detour through lively Grass Valley and Nevada City will lead you to true Gold Country climbing.

Open to all climbers with a minimum of basic belay skills; climbing shoes, sixteen quickdraws, a 70 meter rope and the determination demanded by technical granite will get you up just about every climb in Bowman.


Ingredients from the wild, farms and all seasons

There is a certain flavor that only be attained by preparing food over the open fire and directly on hot rocks. Just as each rock is unique, each meal will have a distinctive flavor to it. Slowly smoking potatoes for hours, roasted veggies caramelized on granite, driftwood baked fish from the creek and in the morning a pour over coffee; these are some of the most magical moment that can happen when we gather to cook on rocks.

Find out more about how Cooking on Rocks began.


Local & Co-founder at Gold Crush, Desmond’s experience comes from waves of climbing obsession and injury in his early days to a much more patient approach at present. As a former sales rep for Black Diamond, he has a broad perspective on the climbing industry and is always happy to share beta.

Truk is passionate about food, community, nature, and photography. His relentless search for good food and techniques of preparation and cultivation have taken him to many kitchens, gardens, and the wild. His hope is to bring people closer to the food we eat and inspire others to source it more consciously.