Gardens and Farms


Acting as primary instigators and stewards of many biological cycles, we know; vegetables, fruits, sweet, spicy, sour, animals, seasons, permaculture, annuals, perennials, soil structure, irrigation, bees, birds, pollinators, diversity, contour, community, food, fences, mycology, companion cultivation, edible landscape, tools, failure, success, hard work and siestas.

gardens can be found all over the world and no one is the same

here is to those that believe!

below is a list people that cultivate food, community and beauty for those without a garden

here is to their hard work and dedication!

Fog Dog Farm

located in Coloma CA on the historical Wakamatsu tea colony

okra, quitlicoche, happy rich and many other dope varieties

First Rain Farm

located in Nevada City CA

spinach, pears, ginger, shiitake, goat milk are just some of the crops produced by this farm

practicing forest management

River Hill Farm

located in Nevada City CA

this farm produces a diverse mix of organic vegetables and fruits on ten acres, including many heirloom and specialty varieties

further, they have taken specific steps to get fresh, nutritious food to where it is most needed by not only working directly with chefs and markets but also different state and county agencies

Early Bird Farm

located in Nevada City CA

specializing in organic soil stewardship, resulting in flavorful, fresh, nutrient dense produce; they offer specialty produce and stone ground grains

Cedar Isle Farm

growing organic grains in Fraser Valley, BC.

offering a select variety of grains as flour or unmilled kernels and use a Community Supported Agriculture model