Courage is Needed


We believe in community, giving,¬†respect for the earth¬†and all that stuff…Beyond this lies an objective to do a good deed because my actions are inscribed into my soul. I carry my deeds through waking life, sleep and past the threshold of death. Gift is a true celebration life and death.

chef, farmer, hunter, forager, herbalist, baker, parent, child, brother, sister, climber, tree feller, shepard, artist, elder, social worker, tow truck driver, educator, fisherman, dreamer, poet, healer, volunteer, barista, mechanic, storyteller and counselor all bring a cup, bowl and a plate.

seeds will be sown.

bread broken.

words spoken.

on fertile ground

a team is formed.

this generation knows where every single ingredient comes from and how it came to be on our plate.

the old is no longer adequate.

ancient wisdom is acknowledged, but this is today.

a people alive

dont worry

Mom brought her cookies

a tree faller who cuts as straight as he shoots

honey, sour dough, pickles, cheese, spinach, flowers and fat

what does food do when there is no money?

where is the line between food and medicine?

ask and receive

a turkey, a goose, a duck, a rabbit, radish, corn, goat cheese, beets, coffee, onion, pineapple kombucha, lard

all went for a ride

gifts from the wild, from the farm

all american

land locked and across oceans

salmon, salt, oil, egg, little gem, alp cheese, wheat, meyer lemon, garlic, yerba santa


unbound and immense

possessing something which goes beyond the threshold

lamb, wheat, grape, morel, lemon verbena, onion, sauerkraut, fennel, mustard, salt, pine tip, manzanita, honey