Pottery and Yoga 2020

A 7 day all-inclusive retreat focusing on the art of pottery and yoga in rural France.


July 5 – 13            &          July 15 – 23


You must have a solid centered base to start, learn to stay attentive, do not let yourself be pulled, stay strong but soft, be still, gentle but very precise, stay slow and patient. 

At Pouygarin the main technique used is throwing on the pottery wheel. Not that easy at first, but with patience and practice comes the fascination for it. Each student will have access to an electric wheel. Classes are adapted to beginners as well as more advanced students. Other techniques such as coil or slab building will be available upon request.

We offer an extensive program built upon the basic technique of throwing. The exact content of the lessons is adapted to personal requirements and individual abilities. We teach the following topics:

  • Clay preparation (stoneware)
  • Centering (a must)
  • Opening up, pulling out
  • Shaping (cylinder, bowls, jugs, plates, etc.)
  • Throwing a cone
  • Pulling and applying handles
  • Throwing lids
  • Trimming
  • Glazing
  • Firing (gas and electric kiln)
  • Individual requests of participants


Yoga and pottery perfectly compliment each other. Practicing yoga will help at keeping your breath steady and your mind clear while working on the wheel. Two classes are offered each day.

Morning: This class will be held outside if the weather allows it. The fresh air, the closeness to the earth and gazing at the morning sky is a great way to start the day. Gently waking the body up through movement, exploring some breathing exercises and creating some heat will be the focus of this class.

Evening: After focusing on your pottery skills during the day and bending over the wheel you are welcome to join a second class. We will be doing counter movements to the positions we put our bodies in while doing pottery. Chest openers, balance postures and some restorative poses will be elements of this class to keep our bodies and creativity flowing.


You are welcome to join both classes; however, if you would prefer to take the time to relax, you are encouraged to do so.


Breakfast is simple, self-serve and includes fresh goat milk, homemade yogurt, fresh fruit and baguette from a local bakery. Farm made jams, coffee and tea will be available as well.

Lunch and dinner are enjoyed together, usually outside on the terrace under the chestnut tree. Vegetables and herbs are harvested every morning from the Trabut family garden; quality of ingredients and a creative wholesome style are the kitchen focus. 

The menu is crafted to compliment the pottery and yoga flow. In the kitchen the Americans will ferment, pickle, steam, sauté, slice, bake, puree, grill, braise and keep it fresh.

Rumors of Bettmümpfeli are being passed…


You will be staying in the old farm house where the Trabut-Zwimpfer family lives year round. The rooms have a nice French country flair to them.

Vic-Fezensac is the nearest little town with a beautiful big market.The nearest airport is Toulouse. The town of Auch has the closest train station from Pouygarin. We offer  pick-up  from here for no extra cost. GPS input ’Pougarin’ will take you straight to the farm if you decide to drive.

The house is 150 years old. After buying the farm in 1973, George remodeled the house and started offering pottery workshops in 1975. The farm is also home to goats, chickens, horses and a dog.


Paula is a very experienced pottery teacher and has been sharing her skills for over 15 years at Pouygarin. She aims to offer a diverse program without neglecting the basic techniques. Hereby, she pays attention to the learning rhythm and goals of the individual participant; no one should feel any group pressure.

Maricella’s yoga is for everyone, beginner and advanced, women and men alike. While encouraging her students to touch up on their personal limits, she suggests to keep in mind we are working with the body and breath, not against it. She invites them to have a gentle curiosity of what the sensations in their body are, rather than aiming for a pose to look a certain way.

George is a legend of sorts. Prior to moving onto the farm in Pouygarin, he owned a pottery studio with a store front in Paris, France. He has been offering  pottery workshops here since 1975, back then the wheels were still non-electric. These days he milks the goats, hunts mushrooms and masterfully loads the kiln.

Truk is passionate about food and has cooked in restaurants, kitchens and wild places all over the world. His food is equally nutritious as it is delicious.

Schedule and Pricing

The schedule will vary a bit throughout the week but will look something like this:

7 – 8:00          Yoga class

8:00 – 9:00    Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00  Guided hands-on pottery class

12:00              Lunch

Afternoon     Free time. Enjoy a relaxing creative afternoon practicing or creating on the potter’s wheel, the atelier is open and you have full access.

18 – 19:30       Yoga class

After                Dinner

Additional Activities: There are a few bikes available. You can hike or go for a walk with our farm dog. There is a natural swimming pond on the farm. There is a tennis court in Vic, a swimming pool (4km) and a few small swimming lakes around. You can also have a beach day on the Atlantic (160km). Or just rest and dream under a tree.

Classes are limited to 8 spots!

The cost for the entire week is 1300 Euros and includes

  • Guided pottery class each morning
  • Access to your own electrical pottery wheel
  • Materials, clay, glaze and firing
  • Two yoga classes a day
  • Three meals a day
  • Lodging in single or double rooms
  • Pick-up / drop-off from Auch train station


Does not include

  • Airport pick-up / drop-off
  • Yoga mat


How to secure your spot

If you are interested in joining, fill out the form below and get in touch with us. We will answer any of your open questions and then ask you to make a deposit of 500 Euros. The remaining balance can be brought as cash or deposited before arrival.

There is limited space for each week, so the sooner you have made your deposit, the sooner you can set your mind at ease and be excited for your trip!

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