Cooking on Rocks

Photo by Trenton Branson

Cooking on rocks

and it began…

Years ago, a friend and I headed out to go camping. We packed the truck and were at the gas station fueling up for the journey. I asked my friend if he remembered to bring the grill. He hadn’t. Being anxious to get on with the trip I said we would just figure something out. We did.

no grill, no aluminum foil.

I was on to something. With less equipment in my backpack I had more room for ingredients. Years of training in a restaurant taught me about techniques of cooking. As the rock stoves I built began to improve I was able to get more creative and intuitive about what I cooked in the wild. After a meal cooked on rocks I felt more satisfied and excited about life.

conscious sourcing

I left the restaurant industry in search of better ingredients and a better understanding of them. This lead me to farming. Being a part of the farming community means more than pulling weeds and watering crops. I found my self cooking with better ingredients that were in season. I learned ways to ferment and cure foods to extend the season. I realized that a deeper connection to food and community meant a deeper connection to self and health.

the wilderness

I feel most alive with a backpack on my back hiking in nature. I feel even more excited when that backpack is full of my colleagues’ produce and I have good company on the trail. There is a movement in our culture back to nature. Conscious Course Expeditions aim to connect people with nature and themselves via good food and good company.

let’s go camping