Conscious Course | Yoga On Rocks
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Yoga On Rocks

In the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California…

A 3 day adventure with food, mountains and community

Visit Fogdog farm

Connect with your surroundings

Dine in the mountains

 Day 1 – _a dinner at Fogdog farm

_We will meet at a farm, get to know the farmers and see the garden. After a farm tour, we will sit down for a dinner on the farm. The menu will feature some of the county’s finest ingredients.

_Lodging has been arranged for you in Nevada City, just outside of downtown.

Day 2 – hit the trail

_ Transportation to the trail will be arranged. The drive from Nevada City, CA to the trailhead is 30 miles.

_A moderate 5 mile hike to camp will be broken up into segments and assisted by a guide and our team of porters. We will be spending one evening camped in the mountains. We will have a late afternoon yoga class in the mountains, on rocks, before dinner. Extra activities include watching the rock stove being constructed, fishing and daydreaming.

_Camp will be set for one evening and we will begin building our stove. Dinner will be prepared on rocks and served in courses.

Day 3 – break camp

_We will greet the day with an early morning yoga class.

_Breakfast will be prepared on rocks and served after sunrise. Our team will break camp and assist you on our return hike.

Day 1 – Friday

Farm Dinner

_roasted eggplant, peppers & tomatoes from RiverHill Farm

_baby arugula, mustard greens & roasted okra from FogDog Farm

_buffalo mozzarella from Wheyward Girl Creamery

_sierra lady peaches from Bierwagon Farm


Day 2 –

Saturday a snack during our hike in…

_Lets stay healthy and hydrated! Fruit from Bonanza Gardens and Huck’s Hollow Farm’s crackers.

saturday evening dinner

A meal prepared on rocks featuring our community’s best food.

_eggplant, gypsy pepper & tomatoes from RiverHill Farm

_baby arugula, mustard greens & roasted okra from FogDog Farm

_seared fresh trout

_sierra lady peaches from Bierwagon Farm

_a special bite from Wheyward Girl Creamery

Day 3 – Sunday


_Featuring FoxHound Espresso Broaster coffee

_Sourdough french toast


_Fresh goat milk

Goodie box

_Each participant receives a little something from the expedition. This could be; produce, coffee, canned peaches or smoked fish. Our aim is to inspire people to be conscious and creative with all aspects of their food.

Smoke, sticks and stones

There is a certain flavor that only be attained by preparing food over the open fire and directly on hot rocks. Just as each rock is unique, each meal will have a distinctive flavor for it. Slowly smoking potatoes for hours, roasted veggies caramelized on granite, driftwood baked fish from the creek and in the morning a our over coffee; these are some of the most magical moment that can happen when we gather to cook on rocks.

Find out more about how Cooking on Rocks began.

Mari’s yoga is for everyone, beginner or advanced, women and men alike!

Stretching your body after the hike and focusing on your breathe will allow you to be present within yourself and your surroundings. The closeness to the elements supports this greatly! You are encouraged to practice without a mat, straight on the ‘flat’ big rock, it works! Not only does direct contact with the earth allow for more grounding, but slight unevenness will make you more aware of the position of your body and may add an extra element to focus on besides your breathe.

While encouraging her students to touch upon their personal limits, Mari always reminds to keep in mind we are working with the body and breath, not against it. She encourages her students to have a gentle curiosity of what the sensations in their body are, rather than aiming for a pose to look a certain way. Besides the physical bending, folding and twisting, yoga on rocks may also stretch your mind by asking you to challenge your beliefs about yourself, your body and your consciousness.

Evening class


Morning class


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Spend one night in town and one night under the stars.

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