Join Conscious Course on an expedition that will deepen your connection to yourself, your food and with nature.
We will go to the farm. We will go to the mountains. Gourmet meals prepared with intention and intuition.

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Our experienced team provides guided backpacking and camping opportunities. Guides and porters carry the gear and the food to keep your pack light so you can safely enjoy the environment and feel nourished. Enjoy 3 unforgettable meals in nature. Each expedition has a different focus; we have one that is perfect for you!

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Truk Jantz, founded Conscious Course Expeditions earlier this summer to allow locals and visitors to experience Nevada County in a new way.  His website calls “Conscious Course takes a path from soil to food to body to wilderness to mind and back to community.”….. read more

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About Conscious Course Expeditions

Conscious Course takes a path from soil to food to body to wilderness to mind and back to community.

Cooking on rocks

and it began…

Years ago, a friend and I headed out to go camping. We packed the truck and were at the gas station fueling up for the journey. I asked my friend if he remembered to bring the grill. He hadn’t. Being anxious to get on with the trip I said we would just figure something out. We did.

no grill, no aluminum foil.

I was on to something. With less equipment in my backpack I had more room for ingredients. Years of training in a restaurant taught me about techniques of cooking. As the rock stoves I built began to improve I was able to get more creative and intuitive about what I cooked in the wild. After a meal cooked on rocks I felt more satisfied and excited about life.

conscious sourcing

I left the restaurant industry in search of better ingredients and a better understanding of them. This lead me to farming. Being a part of the farming community means more than pulling weeds and watering crops. I found my self cooking with better ingredients that were in season. I learned ways to ferment and cure foods to extend the season. I realized that a deeper connection to food and community meant a deeper connection to self and health.

the wilderness

I feel most alive with a backpack on my back hiking in nature. I feel even more excited when that backpack is full of my colleagues’ produce and I have good company on the trail. There is a movement in our culture back to nature. Conscious Course Expeditions aim to connect people with nature and themselves via good food and good company.

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