” A strong community is diverse”

Below is a list of our team and the people we choose to work with.

Fog Dog Farm

FogDog Farm is a small farm in North San Juan, California, growing vegetables for sale using organic & no-till methods at hand-scale.

First Rain Farm

First Rain Farm grows, vegetables, seeds and manage a herd of goats.

Bonanza Garden

Cody and Grayson Curtis are growing 6 types of cantaloupes, asian pears, apples, and green onions.

Elster Ranch

At Elster Ranch we are working with a breed of cattle developed in Australia from full blood Angus stock which are very efficient at converting the energy from our rich grasses and adapted to a similar brittle climate.

River Hill Farm

River Hill Farm grows mixed vegetables, berries, fruit trees, and beautiful perennials.

Super Tuber Farm

Super Tuber Farm aims to produce the tastiest, high quality Organic food in a manner that enriches the soil in which it is grown, the hands of those who grow it, and the bellies of those who eat it.

Bierwagon Farm

Bierwagon Farm is the oldest working farm in Nevada County and still grows the most tasty peaches!

Woolman Farm

Woolman Farm grows mixed vegetables, tree fruits, berries, flowers and other perennials.

A&M Ranch

AM Ranch is family owned and operated in Penn Valley California. Providing Pastured Pork, Grass Fed/Finished Lamb and Beef, and Naturally Grown Produce

Specialty Goods
FoxHound Espresso & Coffee Broaster

FoxHound Espresso & Coffee Broaster

FoxHound Espresso & Coffee Broaster is a smaller bean roaster with mad flavor…Passionately roasted, compassionately served.

Huck's Hollow Farm

Huck's Hollow Farm

Our mission is to bring superior flavor, healthy options and sustainable packaging; all from roots of goodness right here in Grass Valley, CA

Wheyward Girl Creamery

Wheyward Girl Creamery

Wheyward Girl Creamery carries cow, goat, and sheeps milk cheeses and promote small artisan cheese makers around the world.


George has a strong connection with the mountains and water. He is a skilled hunter and fisherman who loves sharing his knowledge and passion for the outdoors.


Emma Cox

Conscious Course Porter, Photographer

Emma is awsome. She brings an abundance of outdoor knowledge with a specialty in birds to the team. Plus she has a natural eye for photography!


Cody Curtis

Conscious Course Porter

Cody is a veteran Conscious Course porter. Aside from being a farmer who grows a lot of green onions, he is involved in organizing housing within the community. Cody and Truk go pretty far back; in fact, Truk accuses Cody of not sharing the ball enough during their time spent together in high school volleyball.


Erik Thomas

Conscious Course Porter

Erik was raised in Nevada County and Santa Cruz. Among his many talents, he is a mechanic, an athlete, and fisherman. He is a veteran on Conscious Course Expeditions and leads his own trips from time to time.

jeremy super1

Jeremy Mineau

Conscious Course Porter

Jeremy has been supporting Conscious Course for years by participating as a porter and providing delicious vegetables. He manages Super Tuber Farm and is a man of family and community.


Jason Bustillos

Conscious Course Porter

Jason has been with Conscious Course since the beginning. He is a talented guitar player and is always up for an adventure. He currently resides in Santa Cruz with his dog Rose.


Hunter Huntington

Conscious Course Porter

A legend in his time, Hunter remains somewhat mysterious. Yet lore has it he can be found in the mountains from time to time.

Workshop Teachers

Truk Jantz

Guide, Chef & Photographer

Truk Jantz is the founder of Conscious Course Expeditions. He is passionate about food, community, nature, and photography. His relentless search for good food and techniques of preparation and cultivation have taken him to many kitchens, gardens, and the wild. His hope is to bring people closer to the food we eat and inspire others to source it more consciously.


Trenton T Branson

Photography Workshop Teacher

Trent is an experienced photographer, hiker, biker and outdoor enthusiast. His photography has taken him all over the world; even Antartica.


Maricella Uribe

Yoga Workshop Teacher

Maricella is a world traveler and is passionate about health. To her, yoga is a simple, calming, non-dogmatic practice as well as a tool to cultivate balance within oneself. She enjoys yoga in its raw authentic way and chooses to teach a simple, grounding yoga that allows you to arrive in your body and leaves you feeling light and beautiful.


Ramsey Demeter

Conscious Course Porter and Workshop Teacher

Ramsey has a wealth of knowledge with regards to wilderness and survival. He facilitates fun, safe, enriching experiences in natures classroom for youth and families. Ramsey is passionate about the practice of immersing oneself in nature, of expanding awareness, confidence and connection.