FogDog Farm is a small farm in North San Juan, California, growing vegetables for sale using organic & no-till methods at hand-scale.


Early Bird Farm specializes in organic soil stewardship, resulting in flavorful, fresh, nutrient dense produce. They offer specialty produce and stone ground grains.

Growing organic grains in Fraser Valley, BC. They offer a select variety of grains as flour or unmilled kernels and use a Community Supported Agriculture model.


Good meat is hard to find and a blessing. It can’t be found at the supermarket or most health food stores. As an animal’s life weighs more than a tomato we can not approach meat like a tomato. The best meat is in the wild; however, it is possible to buy or trade for good meat today. I look for animals being raised small quantities, with care, without compromise in husbandry and most importantly harvesting with appreciation and intention.